Monique Saulnier

Managing Partner & COO


Monique Saulnier is a Managing Partner and the COO of Sofinnova Partners. She joined in 1983 to initially follow US funds. She became Chief Financial Officer of Sofinnova Partners in 1997. She has 30 years of experience in the management of back-office responsibilities for private equity. She has been active in building VC standards: She led the task force that produced the “AFIC Guide: Valuations and Reporting” in 2002, was actively involved in producing new accounting standards for FCPRs within the French accounting regulatory body in 2004, and was more recently instrumental in the production of the IPEV (International Private Equity Valuation board) Valuation Guidelines and Reporting Guidelines. She is a member of the IPEV Association and a member of the Professional Standards Committee of the EVCA. She also chairs a variety of seminars and training institutes on valuation and reporting for EVCA. Monique holds a masters degree in management and a DECS (degree in accounting).Monique Saulnier