Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award

The popular vote has chosen the Top-5 companies.


They will be invited to present an elevator pitch to a jury of industry experts at BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Montreal, Canada on 20 July 2015 at 4pm. Looking forward to see you all there!


EggPlant EggPlant reuses wastewater to make high-performance bioplastic, facing and solving in this way two big environmental and social problems, the wastewater disposal and the pollution deriving from hydrocarbons-based plastics. EggPlant innovative solution reuses wastewater as raw material to produce eco-friendly, high-tech and valuable products such as high-performance bioplastics (PHA) through a zero waste process that allows to get also other valuable products (polyphenols, compost, distilled water, etc.). Besides the company has developed proprietary smart technology platforms based on its bioplastic: soft bio-material, conductive bioplastics, high-tech electronic devices, active packaging, medical devices.
GFBiochemicals GFBiochemicals is the first company to produce levulinic acid at commercial scale directly from biomass. Levulinic acid is a platform chemical with huge potential in chemicals and fuels which has intrinsically superior properties for biomass utilisation rates, feedstock flexibility and CAPEX requirements than other platform chemicals like bioethanol, isobutanol and succinic acid. The company’s 2,000 MT plant in Caserta will come online in 2015. It will be the world’s largest production plant for biobased levulinic acid. GFBiochemicals’ staff and technical experts have decades of experience in innovation, production and business development.
Glucan BioRenewables LLC GlucanBio is commercializing a renewable and environmentally-friendly process to deconstruct common biomass into its three distinct components. This process is not only cost advantaged, but also revenue advantaged. All three components produced from biomass will be used to produce chemicals and biomaterials valued from $500 to $7,000 per m/t. This new technology is 100 times faster than conventional conversion technologies with reaction times measured in minutes rather than days, enabling significant financial advantages. The GlucanBio process will completely alter the way green products are produced, creating a multitude of economically-viable end-uses.
Leaf Resources Limited  As the world decarbonises and biological processes replace current industrial processes for the production of chemicals, a cheap, non-food, clean source of cellulosic sugars is essential. Leaf Resources’ GlycellTM process is a disruptive technology that uses waste glycerol to break down plant biomass in a low temperature, low pressure, environmentally friendly, continuous process to produce cellulosic sugars. Leaf Resources’ proprietary GlycellTM process delivers cellulosic sugars at a price that enables biobased chemicals, bio-plastics and biofuels to replace petroleum-derived products. Leaf Resources’ GlycellTM process has the potential to reshape the economics of using the world’s abundant biomass resources as a sustainable replacement for products currently derived from petroleum.
Syngulon Syngulon is a start up with a long term proven track record in synthetic biology meeting the key industrial biotechnology market needs with a novel patent pending selection technology designed specifically for industrial biotechnology, through a unique and innovative genetic firewall to boost microbial fermentation, that brings cost-effective solutions for large markets and significant growth and licensing revenue opportunities.


Sofinnova Partners is a leading European venture capital fund based in Paris investing in start-up and early stage companies across Europe and North America.

Sofinnova Partners Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award, presented at Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, recognises the most promising renewable chemistry start-up. The Top 5 companies will be selected by popular vote online and the winner will be selected at Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology by an industry jury.

The Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award is supported by Sustainability Consult, the leading agency for bio-economy communications and public relations.

• Seize a unique opportunity to pitch your project at Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
• Have your company assessed by a jury of industry experts
• Boost your visibility through online popular vote
• Join the renewable chemistry community at one of the industry’s leading events


• Revenues of less than $5M
• Active in renewable chemistry, industrial biotechnology or renewable fuels
• Ambitious plan with unique technology characteristics
• Sofinnova Partners’ portfolio companies are not eligible to participate