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Paris, France, July 10th. 2018. Sofinnova Partners, a leading venture capital firm specialized in Life Sciences, today announced that Otsuka Holdings is acquiring its portfolio company ReCor Medical, a medical device company specialized in the treatment of hypertension. The terms of the acquisition are being withheld due to non-disclosure obligations.

ReCor Medical was created in 2009 by Sofinnova Partners, Mano Iyer – who was then entrepreneur-in-residence at Sofinnova Partners and now Chief Operating Officer of ReCor – and Professor Jacques Seguin, MD, who became a large private investor in ReCor. Prof. Seguin was previously founder and CEO of CoreValve, a past Sofinnova portfolio company and a leader in the transcatheter valve replacement space, which was sold to Medtronic. Sofinnova Partners was the sole venture capital investor in ReCor Medical and remained its largest shareholder until the sale to Otsuka.

ReCor Medical is an innovative medical device company that developed the Paradise System, a proprietary ultrasound ablation system for renal denervation (RDN). RDN is a new potential therapeutic approach for the treatment of hypertension, one of the most prevalent medical conditions. ReCor recently announced positive results of its landmark RADIANCE-HTN SOLO hypertension study at EuroPCR 2018.

Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner at Sofinnova Partners and ReCor Board Member, said: “ReCor perfectly illustrates our investment strategy: we worked hand-in-hand with Mano Iyer to create the business vision and plan for ReCor. We then founded and funded the company, and opened our network of experts, key opinion leaders and board members to help grow it. We brought trusted entrepreneurs Jay Watkins as Chairman and Andy Weiss as CEO to help guide and operate the company through to a corporate transaction to our partner Otsuka.”

Jay Watkins, Chairman of ReCor Medical said: “Sofinnova Partners remains one of few VCs willing to fund early-stage med-tech ventures targeting large and important new markets. The firm played a critical role throughout ReCor’s life, and has proven to be a reliable, value-added partner for the company. The field of renal denervation has been a complex one over the last few years with periods of euphoria and periods of doubt. Sofinnova Partners’ support remained constant throughout, helping to build a strong partnership with Otsuka and then navigate through the challenges to a very successful trade sale.”

Mano Iyer, Founder and COO of ReCor Medical added: “ReCor is a success story because Sofinnova Partners, consistent with its philosophy, saw the value of an opportunity which did not yet exist. It had the vision to create and fund the company, not only in the very beginning, but also during the critical early years. Despite the dramatic swings in the field, Sofinnova Partners’ confidence in me and in the management team was essential to keep us motivated when others lost hope. This great exit is therefore particularly sweet.”

Andrew M. Weiss, CEO of ReCor Medical adds: “I came to ReCor thanks to Antoine Papiernik’s introduction to the company. With his help, our team developed the partnership with Otsuka and was able to remain focused on value creation. The recent announcement of our positive RADIANCE-HTN SOLO study results and now the merger with Otsuka demonstrate that our teamwork with Sofinnova Partners was successful. We now have an opportunity to transform the treatment of hypertension and benefit millions of potential patients while providing a solid return for our investors. I look forward to continuing to work to make this technology a possible standard of care in hypertension treatment”.

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About Sofinnova Partners
Sofinnova Partners is a leading European venture capital firm specialized in Life Sciences. Based in Paris, France, the firm brings together a team of professionals from all over Europe, the US and China. The firm focuses on paradigm shifting technologies alongside visionary entrepreneurs. Sofinnova Partners seeks to invest as a lead or cornerstone investor in seed, start-ups, corporate spin-offs and late stage companies. It has backed nearly 500 companies over more than 45 years, creating market leaders around the globe. Today, Sofinnova Partners has over €1.9 billion under management. For more information: www.sofinnova.fr

About ReCor Medical, Inc.
ReCor Medical is a medical device company that designs and manufactures the Paradise System, a proprietary ultrasound ablation system for renal denervation (RDN). RDN is a new potential therapeutic approach for the treatment of hypertension, one of the most prevalent medical conditions. The Paradise System is approved for sale in the EU and bears a CE mark, but is not approved for sale in the United States. The System’s intravascular catheters denervate renal nerves by combining the protection of water-based cooling of the renal artery with high intensity ultrasound energy for circumferential renal nerve ablation. The Paradise System has been studied in clinical trials of approximately 300 patients to date. Following the positive outcomes of the RADIANCE-HTN SOLO trial, ReCor will continue its evaluations of Paradise in RADIANCE-HTN TRIO (a feasibility study of patients with resistant hypertension) and REQUIRE (a pivotal study of patients with resistant hypertension in Japan and Korea), and launch the RADIANCE II pivotal study (a study of patients with moderate hypertension) in the United States and Europe.

About Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. and Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. is the holding company of the Otsuka group, a global healthcare group headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With operations in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices and other health-related businesses, the group generated worldwide sales of JPY1,240 billion in the fiscal year ended December 2017.

Established in 2011, Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Otsuka Holdings and one of its core operating subsidiaries. Otsuka Medical Devices focuses on the development and commercialization of endovascular devices that provide new therapeutic options in areas where patient needs cannot be met through pharmaceutical or other conventional treatment.
Otsuka Medical Devices conducts the REQUIRE trial for renal denervation in hypertensive patients (n=140), who are uncontrolled on 3 or more medications including a diuretic, in Japan and Korea through its subsidiary JIMRO Co., Ltd.


Paris, France, Monday 9 February, 2004 – Sofinnova Partners has today announced the completion of a second investment round in 6WIND, a leading supplier of integrated software solutions for IP network gateways.

6WIND received an initial capital infusion of €3.75 million in December 2001 raised by the same group of investors: Sofinnova Partners, ACE Management, CDC-IXIS Innovation, Cross Atlantic Ventures, Financière de Brienne, TechFund Capital Europe and TechFund US.

Founded as a spin-off of Thales, 6WIND is widely recognized for its technological innovation. Capitalizing on over 200 combined man-years of experience in designing secure network architectures and advanced real-time applications for industrial and defence markets, the company’s innovative efforts have been rewarded on several occasions. Its flagship technology 6WINDGateä was Europe’s first network access technology to be certified IPv6-ready by the IPv6 Forum. This technology also won the prestigious European IST Prize 2004 (Information Society Technology) for ground-breaking technologies, fending off competition from 400 international nominees.

6WINDGateä delivers value creation for customers through a rich array of fully integrated IPv4 and IPv6 functionalities, allowing the deployment of high value-added services (secure WiFi, Virtual Private Networks – VPN, converged voice, data and video services and peer-to-peer applications). What is more, customers benefit from completely transparent migration from IPv4 architectures to IPv6-ready platforms. 6WIND offers systems integration specialists and network equipment providers a proven, open solution that allows them to reduce both time to market as well as development and integration costs of new offerings.

Commenting on the transaction, Jean Schmitt, a partner at Sofinnova, said: “6WIND enables quick and easy development of leading-edge, value-added applications for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks, bringing customers significantly higher returns on investment. The appointment last May of Alain Dasté has been a valuable new asset to the company.”

6WIND CEO Alain Dasté added: “This further round of financing by Sofinnova Partners for 6WIND stands witness to our recognized leadership in IP technologies. This fresh infusion of capital will enable us to consolidate our technological leadership and accelerate our commercial development, especially in France and Asia.”

About Sofinnova Partners
Created in 1972 in Paris, where it is still headquartered, Sofinnova Partners is one of the leading independent venture capital firms in Europe. With key operations in the information technology and life science sectors, its investment strategy is based on two principles : “Invest in projects with a high potential in their early stages of development » and « Act as lead or co-lead investor ». Its investment team comprises 12 investment partners who are all experts in their field and can assist companies in which Sofinnova chooses to invest. Sofinnova Partners has more than 500 million euros under management, a loyal based of international investors, and plans to strongly reinforce its European development in the coming years.

About 6WIND
Considered a key reference in advanced IP technologies, 6WIND is a leader of integrated IPv4 and IPv6 gateway solutions.  6WIND solutions are deployed in small to large enterprises, complex defence networks, operator networks and research centres worldwide.  An award winner of Europe’s prestigious IST (Information Society Technology) prize for ground-breaking technologies, 6WIND develops easy-to-integrate, cost-effective and flexible gateway software packages.  These highly integrated solutions enable customers to deploy value-added IP services for secure broadband access, WLAN, mobility and multimedia applications.  At the same time, they ensure the seamless transition of existing IPv4 infrastructures towards the new generation Internet being built on the IPv6 protocol.

A spin-off of European professional electronics and defence industry giant, Thales, 6WIND is headquartered near Paris, France, and is present in Asia.  For more information on 6WIND, visit http://www.6wind.com


Visit website http://www.6wind.com


Paris, le 9 février 2004 – Sofinnova Partners annonce aujourd’hui la clôture du nouveau tour de financement de 6WIND, leader des solutions logicielles intégrées pour équipements d’accès réseau IP.

6WIND avait déjà bénéficié d’une première levée de fonds en décembre 2001, de 3,75 millions d’euros, avec le même groupe d’investisseurs : Sofinnova Partners, ACE Management, CDC-IXIS Innovation, Cross Atlantic Ventures, Financière de Brienne, TechFund Capital Europe, TechFund US.

Essaimage du groupe Thales, 6WIND est largement reconnue pour son innovation technologique. Cette innovation, résultat de plus de 200 années-homme d’expérience acquise dans la conception d’architectures réseau sécurisées et d’applications temps-réel complexes pour l’Industrie et la Défense, a été récompensée à plusieurs occasions. Le 6WINDGateä, technologie phare de la société, a été la première technologie d’accès réseau certifiée “IPv6-ready” en Europe par l’IPv6 Forum. Il a également reçu le prestigieux prix européen IST 2004 (Information Society Technology) des technologies innovantes, sélectionné parmi 400 participants internationaux.

La proposition de valeur du 6WINDGateä repose sur une riche palette de fonctionnalités IPv4 et IPv6 complètement intégrées permettant le déploiement de services à forte valeur (WiFi sécurisé, Réseaux Privés Virtuels, convergence voix/données/vidéo, services point à point) tout en assurant une transition transparente des architectures IPv4 vers IPv6. 6WIND propose aux intégrateurs et aux équipementiers réseau une solution ouverte et validée, qui leur donne l’opportunité d’accélérer la mise sur le marché de leurs offres et de réduire leurs coûts de développement et d’intégration.

 « 6WIND permet de créer rapidement et facilement des applications plus riches et très innovantes, aussi bien en IPv4 qu’en IPv6, pour un bénéfice client bien supérieur. L’arrivée d’Alain Dasté, en mai dernier, est un grand apport pour la société », déclare Jean Schmitt, Partner de Sofinnova.

« Le refinancement de Sofinnova Partners pour 6WIND témoigne de la reconnaissance de notre position de leader mondial dans le domaine des technologies IP. Cette nouvelle levée de fonds va nous permettre de conforter notre avance technologique et d’accélérer notre développement commercial, en particulier en France et en Asie… », a pour sa part ajouté Alain Dasté, président directeur général de la société.

A propos de Sofinnova Partners
Créée à Paris en 1972 où elle est implantée, Sofinnova Partners est l’une des toutes premières sociétés de capital-risque indépendantes en France. Avec pour secteurs clés d’intervention les technologies de l’information et les sciences de la vie, sa stratégie d’investissement repose sur deux axes majeurs : ‘investir dans des projets à fort potentiel dès les premiers stades de leur développement’ et ‘se développer en investisseur majoritaire’. Forte d’une équipe d’investissement de douze personnes, ses partenaires-investisseurs sont tous des experts de leur secteur, capables d’accompagner activement les entreprises dans lesquelles la société décide d’investir. Gérant à ce jour plus de 500 millions d’euros, Sofinnova Partners dispose d’une base d’investisseurs fidèle et internationale et a pour volonté de renforcer fortement son développement européen dans les années à venir.


A propos de 6WIND
Référence incontournable des technologies IP avancées, 6WIND est le leader des solutions d’accès réseau intégrées IPv4 et IPv6. Les solutions de 6WIND sont déployées sur les sites de petites, moyennes et grandes entreprises, dans des réseaux militaires complexes ainsi que dans des réseaux d’opérateurs et de centres de recherche du monde entier. Lauréat du prestigieux prix IST (Information Society Technology) pour ses technologies innovantes, 6WIND développe des solutions logicielles pour équipements d’accès réseau. Faciles à intégrer, très compétitives et très flexibles, ces solutions permettent aux clients de 6WIND de déployer des services IP à forte valeur ajoutée pour l’accès haut débit sécurisé, le WLAN, les applications mobiles et multimédia, tout en assurant une transition en douceur des infrastructures IPv4 existantes vers l’Internet de nouvelle génération, IPv6.

Issue d’un essaimage du groupe Thales, leader européen de l’électronique professionnelle et de la défense, 6WIND a son siège social à Montigny-le-Bretonneux, près de Paris, et est également présente en Asie. Pour plus d’informations sur 6WIND, visitez le site : http://www.6wind.com/


Visit website http://www.6wind.com


1,350 millions d’euros vont permettre à la société d’accélérer
son développement international et de lancer de nouveaux produits

Paris, FRANCE – 28 janvier 2004 – Sofinnova Partners annonce qu’elle a clôturé le premier tour de financement de InfraWorlds, acteur reconnu du monde des jeux wireless avec le soutien de Lafayette International. Cette première levée de fonds, d’un montant de 1,350 millions d’euros va permettre à la société de conserver son avance technologique sur un marché en plein essor.

Société française créée en 1999, InfraWorlds dispose non seulement d’une avance technologique importante dans le domaine de l’optimisation de code Java et de la compression des données, mais aussi d’une créativité graphique et narrative uniques. L’optimisation du code permet de faire fonctionner des jeux 3D sur des terminaux d’entrée de gamme avec un rendu exceptionnel. Le caractère original des créations de InfraWorlds ainsi que son choix de jeux sans violence lui permettent de toucher une cible très large. En effet, pour la première fois dans l’histoire des jeux vidéos les joueurs sont aussi bien des femmes que des hommes. L’offre de InfraWorlds s’adresse aux constructeurs de terminaux et aux opérateurs, et compte les leaders de l’industrie parmi ses clients.

Jean Schmitt, Partner de Sofinnova rejoint le conseil de surveillance de la société, où il apportera son expertise du marché international de la téléphonie mobile.
« Depuis toujours Sofinnova Partners a pour stratégie d’investissement de privilégier la phase d’amorçage. InfraWorlds est une jeune société positionnée sur un marché en forte croissance : les jeux java pour la téléphonie mobile. Cette société est dirigée par une équipe d’entrepreneurs à haut potentiel. Je suis convaincu que c’est le bon moment pour investir car le marché est maintenant prêt pour un moteur 3D tel que celui de InfraWorlds, unique par sa très petite taille et la richesse de ses fonctionnalités », indique Jean Schmitt.

Alain Le Diberder, reconnu comme un des experts du monde du jeu, rejoint également le conseil de surveillance, présidé par Gilles Granier, président de Lafayette et précédemment responsable des M&A de Intel Europe. Bénédicte Brouard, administrateur de Lafayette, en est  également membre.

« L’entrée de Sofinnova Partners au capital de InfraWorlds nous donne de nouveaux moyens tant financiers qu’en terme d’accompagnement professionnel. C’est un soutien  extrêmement précieux, qui nous permettra de mener à bien notre ambitieux programme de développement – au cœur d’un marché mondial estimé à 7 milliards d’euros en 2007 !», a pour sa part ajouté Camille Guermonprez, fondateur de la société et président du directoire.
A propos de Sofinnova Partners
Créée à Paris en 1972 où elle est implantée, Sofinnova Partners est l’une des toutes premières sociétés de capital-risque indépendantes en France. Avec pour secteurs clés d’intervention les technologies de l’information et les sciences de la vie, sa stratégie d’investissement repose sur deux axes majeurs : ‘investir dans des projets à fort potentiel dès les premiers stades de leur développement’ et ‘se développer en investisseur majoritaire’. Forte d’une équipe d’investissement de treize personnes, ses partenaires-investisseurs sont tous des experts de leur secteur, capables d’accompagner activement les entreprises dans lesquelles la société décide d’investir. Gérant à ce jour plus de 500 millions d’euros, Sofinnova Partners dispose d’une base d’investisseurs fidèle et internationale et a pour volonté de renforcer fortement son développement européen dans les années à venir.

A propos de Lafayette International
Lafayette International est une société de capital risque, constituée de business angels franco-américains,   qui a pour  but d’investir dans de très jeunes entreprises françaises et  nord américaines (seed). En plus de son rôle d’investisseur, Lafayette  soutient ces start-up en leur apportant l’efficacité de son réseau  relationnel, et un parrainage actif au travers de l’expérience  et du goût  d’entreprendre  de ses membres,  tous  chefs d’entreprise  ayant connu  une réussite professionnelle.

A propos de InfraWorlds
Créée en 1999, InfraWorlds est une société innovante dans le domaine des technologies et solutions Java embarquées pour les téléphones mobiles. Ses compétences technologiques alliées à une forte créativité graphique lui confèrent une image de qualité et lui permettent de bénéficier de la reconnaissance des leaders de l’industrie.  Dotée d’une équipe de professionnels qui sera prochainement encore renforcée, InfraWorlds intervient sur un marché international en pleine croissance : le wireless entertainment. 

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Trimedia CommunicationEmmanuelle Mestre, Samantha GarnierTél : +33 1 55 30 70 mailto:83emmanuelle.mestre@trimedia.fr  
Sofinnova Partners Jean Schmitt, PartnerTél : +33 1 53 05 41 00
InfraWorlds Camille GuermonprezTél : 01 58 62 53 00

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1,350 million euros will enable InfraWorlds to accelerate its international development and roll out new products

Paris, France – 29 janvier 2004 – Sofinnova Partners today announced that it has concluded the first round of fundraising for InfraWorlds, a recognized leader in the wireless gaming segment, with the support of Lafayette International. This first round of seed capital, totaling 1,350 million euros, will enable the startup to consolidate its technological lead in this fast-expanding market.

A French company established in 1999, InfraWorlds not only boasts a significant technological lead in Java code optimization and data compression techniques, but also offers unmatched graphic and narrative creativity. Code optimization makes it possible to play 3D games on entry-level terminals with exceptional rendering quality. InfraWorlds designs highly unique content and is committed to non-violent games, allowing it to reach a very broad audience. Indeed, for the first time since the advent of video games, players now include women as well as men. InfraWorlds delivers solutions for terminal manufacturers and carriers, and counts a number of industry-leading players among its customer base.

Jean Schmitt, Partner at Sofinnova, has joined InfraWorlds’ supervisory board, bringing to it extensive expertise in the global wireless communications market.”Sofinnova Partners has a long history of investments in early stage companies. Infra Worlds is an early stage company positionned on a fragmented high growth market (Java Mobile Gaming) managed by high potential entrepreneurs. We believe that in this type of business timing is critical; I’m convinced that timing is right for this unique full java small footprint and functionality rich 3D engine”,  declare Jean Schmitt.

Alain Le Diberder, acknowledged as one of France’s leading gaming specialists, has also joined the supervisory board, which is chaired by Gilles Granier, chairman of Lafayette and formerly head of M&A at Intel Europe. The board also includes Bénédicte Brouard, a managing director at Lafayette.

Commenting, Camille Guermonprez, InfraWorlds founder of the compagny and chairman of the executive board, said: “This investment by Sofinnova Partners brings us additional financial resources and invaluable business support. Thanks to this commitment, we can confidently pursue our ambitious development program at the heart of the global market, which is estimated to grow to 7 billion euros by 2007!”
About Sofinnova Partners
Created in 1972 in Paris, where it is still headquartered, Sofinnova Partners is one of the leading independent venture capital firms in Europe. With key operations in the information technology and life science sectors, its investment strategy is based on two principles : “Invest in projects with a high potential in their early stages of development » and « Act as lead or co-lead investor ». Its investment team comprises 12 investment partners who are all experts in their field and can assist companies in which Sofinnova chooses to invest. Sofinnova Partners has more than 500 million euros under management, a loyal based of international investors, and plans to strongly reinforce its European development in the coming years.

About Lafayette International
Lafayette International is a venture capital company, composed of French and American business angels, that provides seed funding for French and North American startups. As well as making capital investments, Lafayette also supports startups by allowing them to leverage its extensive network of business contacts and proactive sponsorship by its members — an experienced team of highly successful entrepreneurs.

About InfraWorlds
Established in 1999, InfraWorlds is an innovative French startup specializing in embedded Java technologies and solutions for wireless phones. Its technological competencies, coupled with unrivalled graphic creativity, have earned the company a solid reputation among the main players in this booming sector. Built around a team of dedicated professionals, which is soon to be expanded, InfraWorlds is today consolidating its lead in the fast-growing global wireless entertainment market. 

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Trimedia CommunicationEmmanuelle Mestre, Samantha GarnierPhone : +33 1 55 30 70 mailto:83emmanuelle.mestre@trimedia.fr  
Sofinnova Partners Jean Schmitt, PartnerPhone : +33 1 53 05 41 00
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JVP Leads New Funding Round

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ — TAK’ASIC, a leading innovator in dedicated imaging processors and solutions, today announced it has closed its Series C funding, raising an additional 16.25 million.
JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) led the round that included all initial investors — Sofinnova Partners, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, Ventech, SPEF Venture and Innovacom. New investor CrossBridge Venture Partners of Japan also participated in the round. Based on industry leading image compression and processing technologies, TAK’ASIC processors are incorporated in a host of
digital office products such as printers, copiers and MFPs from leading hardware, electronics and peripherals manufacturers worldwide.
TAK’ASIC intends to use the latest investment to solidify its presence in the digital office equipment market, particularly within the expanding sector for entry level, office-class color page printers. The company also plans to leverage its high performance technology to expand into new high volume color imaging market segments.

“Digital imaging providers are increasingly seeking technologies that
enable higher performance digital photo printing output with requisite
cost-efficiency,” said Tal Lev, principal with JVP, who is joining TAK’ASIC’s board of directors. “TAK’ASIC’s strategy and direction to become a leader in this hyper-growth market segment is perfectly aligned with our investment strategies at JVP.”

According to TAK’ASIC CEO, Doug Goodyear, “there is increasing demand for faster photo printing especially with devices that interface directly with the printer such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Well over nine billion digital photos will be printed this year, and consumers want those prints ready in seconds, not minutes. With our core expertise in providing very high speed and cost efficient solutions for color printing this is the optimal timing for us to expand our solutions portfolio,” Goodyear said.

“TAK’ASIC’s seasoned management team has successfully engaged with a
world-class list of customers and partners, particularly in Asia,” said Alain Rodermann, partner, Sofinnova Partners. “Going forward, these global relationships with a focus on leading Asia technology markets place the company in an excellent position to capitalize on the explosion in digital imaging.”

In the past six months TAK’ASIC has focused on launching a new, industry leading SOC (System-on-Chip), the TAKPRO-800, as well as forming strategic partnerships to help steer product development and expand its sales operations in Asia. During that period the company also relocated its headquarters operations from France to the U.S. and incorporated in Delaware.

TAK’ASIC is a leading innovator in dedicated imaging processors and
solutions for the digital office equipment market including advanced copiers, printers, multi-function peripherals, scanners, faxes and network servers.
Based in San Mateo, Calif., TAK’ASIC serves the needs of OEMs requiring leading edge technology and outstanding price/performance.  Founded in 1991, the company maintains development, sales and support locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. 
Additional information about TAK’ASIC can be found at

About JVP
JVP is a leading international venture capital firm focusing on
investments in early stage companies in the enterprise software & networking, semiconductors & components & mobile infrastructure sectors. With over 0 million under management, and offices in NY, London, Jerusalem and Tokyo, JVP leverages its international presence, vast expertise and substantial capital base to build companies with the potential to shape and dominate global markets.
To learn more about JVP, visit http://www.jvpvc.com/.

About Sofinnova Partners
Created in 1972 in Paris, where it is still headquartered, Sofinnova
Partners is one of the leading independent venture capital firms in France and in Europe. With key operations in the information technology and life science sectors, its investment strategy is based on two principles: “Invest in projects with a high potential in their early stages of development” and “Act as lead or co-lead investor”. Its investment team consists of 12 professionals who are all experts in their field and can assist companies in which Sofinnova chooses to invest. Sofinnova Partners has more than 500 million euros under
management, a loyal base of international investors, and plans to strongly reinforce its European development in the coming years.

General Inquiries:
TAK’ASIC, Inc., 1450 Fashion Island Blvd., suite 503, San Mateo, CA 94404
Jeanne Wiseman, 650-350-1100, email: jeanne.wiseman@takasic.com

Media and Analyst Inquiries:
Larry Sennett, 415-272-6689, email: larry.sennett@takasic.com
Susan Lindner, for JVP, 212-922-5885, email: susan.lindner@lotus-pr.com
Kim Stanford, for JVP, 212-922-5885, email: kim.stanford@lotus-pr.com

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Web Site: http://www.takasic.com/ http://www.jvpvc.com/


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Data Safety Monitoring Board Recommends Continuation of the large European Clinical Trial For Ikomio

Paris, France… ExonHit Therapeutics, a privately-held drug discovery company, announced it has received recommendation by an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) to continue its clinical trial for Ikomio, a potential treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease commonly known as Charcot’s disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  

The DSMB concluded that interim data raised no safety concerns and the trial is cleared to proceed to its planned conclusion in 2004.  Survival is the primary endpoint in this 400 patients double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. Ikomio (or placebo) is administered in addition to Rilutek® (riluzole), currently the sole approved drug for ALS. Ikomio appears well tolerated in patients suffering from ALS and does not alter the safety profile of Rilutek®.
 “As clinical investigators, our primary goal is to avoid any aggravation of the clinical status of these fragile patients. One of the concerns, which is today behind us, was to know how this drug would be tolerated in these patients as compared to the general population” commented Vincent Meininger, Professor of Neurology, Hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière, Chairman of the Study Steering Committee.
“We are pleased by Ikomio’s safety profile” commented Philippe Guillet, M.D., VP Clinical Research, ExonHit Therapeutics.  Dr. Guillet, a veteran of trials in ALS, further noted: “This trial is being run very efficiently. It is one of the largest trials conducted in ALS and the 400 patients were enrolled in just four months. In parallel to the conduct of the study, we are developing a formulation suitable for patients with swallowing difficulties. We are working diligently to provide new therapies for ALS, which is a devastating, fatal disease. ”  
Ikomio was chosen from a library of marketed compounds after scientists at ExonHit discovered a tissue-specific RNA isoform produced as a result of alternative splicing that occurs during the early phases of the disease in animal models of ALS.  Ikomio, the company’s first compound in clinical trials, helps to prevent neuronal death and acts on the regulation of respiratory compensatory mechanisms involved in the progression of ALS.  
The process of finding and understanding alternative RNA splicing enables ExonHit  to find new potential targets and to gain insight into the molecular causes of disease. The company has further uncovered a large number of potential targets which are being pursued.     
“ExonHit Therapeutics intends to share the first safety results with the Regulatory Authorities and seek their advice for bringing this drug to the patient community in a timely manner. Our commitment to developing new products for the treatment of ALS stands firm” declared Bruno Tocqué, CEO of ExonHit Therapeutics.

About Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neuron Disease, Charcot’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive and fatal neurological disease characterized by a degeneration of motor neurons in the spinal cord, brain stem and cerebral cortex, leading to muscle wasting and weakness. It affects 100,000 to 120,000 people worldwide with 5,000 and 7,500 new cases occurring each year in the US and in Europe, respectively. There is no cure for ALS, nor is there a proven therapy that can prevent or reverse the course of the disorder. ALS affects all muscles under voluntary control resulting in sufferers losing the strength and the ability to move their arms, legs, and body. When respiratory muscles are affected, patients lose the ability to breathe without ventilatory support. 80% of ALS patients die from respiratory failure.

About ExonHit Therapeutics
ExonHit Therapeutics is a privately-held company whose mission is to develop novel therapeutics and diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.  The company is a leader in alternative RNA splicing holding a premier scientific and intellectual property position in the field.  

ExonHit’s proprietary gene profiling technology, DATASTM(Differential Analysis of Transcripts with Alternative Splicing), systematically identifies RNA splicing alterations on a genome-wide scan.  RNA splicing is altered during the onset and progression of disease, therefore, by distinguishing discrete splicing events the company is able to identify landmarks of disease.

DATASTM is central to internal drug discovery programs.  The company has two drugs currently in clinical trials. In addition, the profiling technology is utilized in broader applications by several external therapeutic and diagnostic collaborators, and to capitalize on the growing needs for pharmacogenomic tools, and toxicity prediction assays. 

ExonHit Therapeutics, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Paris, France and has a US facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company has 68 employees worldwide and has raised a total of €47 million.

ExonHit Therapeutics :
Bruno Tocqué, CEOPhilippe Guillet, MD, Vice-President Clinical Research
Sheila Khatri, External Communications (USA) France:+33 (0)1 58 05 47 00USA: +1 240 683 7050
Media Relations Sylvie Roquefeuil-Dedieu, De Facto Communications Tel  +44 (0)207 496 33 00

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Le Comité Indépendant de Contrôle des Données (DSMB ou IDMC) recommande la poursuite de l’évaluation d’Ikomio® dans l’essai clinique européen engagé en 2002.

Paris, France….. ExonHit Therapeutics, société privée de découverte pharmaceutique, annonce qu’elle a reçu l’aval du Comité Indépendant de Contrôle des Données pour poursuivre l’essai clinique d’Ikomio® dans le traitement de la sclérose latérale amyotrophique (SLA), encore appelée Maladie de Charcot.

Le Comité a conclu que les résultats intermédiaires ont permis de valider l’absence de toxicité reliée au traitement. Il autorise la poursuite de l’essai jusqu’à sa conclusion prévue fin 2004. Le critère d’évaluation de cet essai en double aveugle, randomisé et contre placebo regroupant 400 patients est le taux de survie des patients. Ikomio ou bien un placébo est administré en même temps que le Rilutek® (riluzole), le seul médicament enregistré pour cette indication. Ikomio s’avère bien toléré par les patients souffrant de SLA et n’altère pas le profil de sécurité du Rilutek.

« En administrant une nouvelle molécule, les Investigateurs recherchent en tout premier lieu à ne pas aggraver l’état de ces patients particulièrement fragiles. L’un des objectifs principaux de l’étude, qui est maintenant derrière nous, était d’évaluer si Ikomio serait aussi bien toléré par les patients atteints de SLA que par la population générale » rapporte Vincent Meininger, Professeur de Neurologie à l’hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière et Président du Comité de Pilotage de l’essai clinique.

« Ces résultats de tolérance du traitement confirment nos attentes » confie Philippe Guillet, VP Recherche Clinique de la société ExonHit Therapeutics. Philippe Guillet qui a une expérience avérée de longue date dans ce domaine ajoute : « Cet essai clinique sur Ikomio est l’un des plus larges essais cliniques jamais réalisé dans la SLA. Les Investigateurs sont très motivés, ils ont réalisés le recrutement des patients en moins de 4 mois et l’étude se déroule très facilement. En parallèle à cette étude clinique, nous développons une formulation  adaptée à des patients qui ont de grandes difficultés à déglutir. Nous travaillons d’arrache pied pour procurer un nouvel outil thérapeutique pour le traitement de cette maladie grave ».

Ikomio a été choisi parmi une sélection de molécules existantes, après que les chercheurs d’ExonHit aient identifié des altérations très spécifiques de l’épissage alternatif de gènes codant pour des protéines dont la fonction est ciblée par Ikomio. C’est la première des molécules mise en essai clinique par ExonHit. Ikomio prévient la destruction des neurones et agit sur les mécanismes régulateurs compensatoires de la respiration impliqués dans la progression et l’issue de la SLA.

Le procédé d’identification des altérations affectant l’épissage alternatif des gènes permet à ExonHit d’identifier des évènements originaux impliqués dans l’initiation ou le maintien d’une pathologie. La société travaille sur d’autres cibles thérapeutiques originales qui lui permettront d’alimenter son portefeuille de molécules.

« ExonHit a déjà engagé des discussions avec les autorités réglementaires européennes et souhaite partager avec elles les premiers résultats de cette étude afin de faire profiter les patients le plus rapidement possible de cette nouvelle molécule. Nous sommes résolument engagés à développer de nouveaux médicaments dans la SLA » a déclaré Bruno Tocqué, PDG d’ExonHit Therapeutics.

La Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique ou Maladie de Charcot :
La SLA, encore appelée maladie du motoneurone ou maladie de Charcot, est une maladie neurologique progressive et fatale caractérisée par la dégénérescence des motoneurones de la moelle épinière, du tronc cérébral et du cortex cérébral, conduisant à l’atrophie et à la perte de la fonction musculaire. Elle affecte plus de 100 000 à 120 000 patients  à travers le monde. 5 000 et 7 500 nouveaux cas sont recensés chaque année, respectivement, aux Etats-Unis et en Europe. Il n’existe actuellement qu’un seul médicament sur le marché pour lutter contre cette maladie, le Rilutek®. La SLA affecte la quasi-totalité des muscles sous contrôle volontaire, ce qui conduit progressivement à la paralysie complète du corps. Quand les muscles de la respiration sont atteints, les patients ne peuvent plus respirer sans assistance respiratoire. 80% des patients atteints de SLA décèdent des suites de l’insuffisance respiratoire.

ExonHit Therapeutics
ExonHit Therapeutics développe des produits pharmaceutiques et des diagnostics grâce à son expertise unique dans l’analyse de l’épissage alternatif, mécanisme par lequel un même gène peut donner plusieurs protéines distinctes. La technologie d’analyse de variants d’ARNm : DATASTM permet à la société de détecter les altérations de l’épissage responsables d’une pathologie, et ainsi donne accès à une source d’informations biologiques fondamentales sur l’origine d’une maladie. ExonHit a une propriété intellectuelle très forte dans ce domaine essentiel de la biologie.

Afin d’exploiter au mieux les avantages de sa technologie DATASTM (Differential Analysis of Transcripts with Alternative Splicing), les activités d’ExonHit Therapeutics sont organisées en quatre départements:Programmes thérapeutiques internes –Programmes thérapeutiques en collaboration -Diagnostics– Profilage de molécules et de gènes – ExonHit Therapeutics a mis sur le marché une biopuce de toxicologie prédictive, Safe-Hit™, à l’intention de sociétés pharmaceutiques, qui leur permettent de concentrer leurs efforts sur les molécules les plus prometteuses.

Fondé en 1997, ExonHit Therapeutics a établi son siége social et ses laboratoires à Paris, France et dispose d’un centre opérationnel implanté à Gaithersburg, Maryland (USA). La société compte 68 employés à travers le monde et a levé à ce jour un total de 47 millions d’euros.

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ExonHit Therapeutics :Bruno Tocqué, PDGDr Philippe Guillet, Vice-Président Recherche Clinique Tel : +33 (0)1 58 05 47 00
Relations Presse : Sylvie Roquefeuil-Dedieu, De Facto Communication Tel : 44 (0) 20 7496 3300

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Madison, N.J., and Munich, Germany, January 21, 2004 – Wyeth (NYSE: WYE) and Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG announced today an agreement under which Ingenium shall provide Wyeth with novel genetic rat models with alterations in genes specified by Wyeth. The models will be developed using Ingenium’s INGENOtyping™ technology,which is the most rapid technology for generating genetic mouse models and which Ingenium has now established as the world’s first industrialized platform for developing genetic rat models. No financial terms of the agreement have been disclosed.As opposed to mouse “knockout” models, genetic rat models have not been broadly available, despite years of intense research worldwide, due to rat-specific limitations in the standard ES-cell based technology used for producing mouse models. Nevertheless, the rat remains the model of choice for many therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, behavioural and neurological disease research.“Our INGENOtyping™ technology enables the development of rat genetic models across the genome, which is a significant advance for pharmaceutical development,” said Michael C. Nehls, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of Ingenium. “We are pleased to provide the advantages of this groundbreaking technology to Wyeth, a true leader in innovation.” Ingenium has created a “rolling-circle” production pipeline that represents a living, inbred, and gene-altered rat archive. On average, one year’s production represents an archive size sufficient for greater than two-fold mutational coverage on a gene-by-gene basis. This translates into an expected probability of over 90% to develop the desired gene-specific rat variant in less than 12 months. Ingenium’s INGENOtyping™ technology for genetic rat models is therefore comparable in time and efficiency to what current murine ES-cell-based technology provides for producing genetic mouse models. Wyeth is one of the world’s largest research-driven pharmaceutical and health care products companies. It is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biotechnology products and non-prescription medicines that improve the quality of life for people worldwide. The Company’s major divisions include Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare and Fort Dodge Animal Health. The basis of Ingenium’s business is its knowledge and expertise in generating the biological information critical to the discovery, validation and development of therapeutics. Ingenium’s drug discovery technologies combine functional genetics in the murine model system with proprietary, therapeutic goal-oriented biological screens and advanced pathway analysis. From the breadth of knowledge generated by the Wyeth-Ingenium Genetic Rat Model Agreement January 21, 2004 Page 2 of 2 company’s Deductive Genomics® technology, Ingenium is currently advancing a pipeline of novel models and biologically validated drug targets in the areas of inflammatory bowel disease, obesity/diabetes, and neurological disorders. The company’s INGENOtypingä platform offers the most rapid access to innovative rodent models for drug discovery and development and drug target validation. Ingenium has research partnership agreements with Elan Corporation, Bayer AG, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Molecular Engines Laboratories, Sequenom Inc., and Oxagen Limited, in addition to numerous international academic collaborations. Ingenium and Deductive Genomics are registered U.S. trademarks.

For more information contact:
For Ingenium Gretchen L.P. Schweitzer Vice President Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG mailto:gretchen.schweitzer@ingenium-ag.com

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Co-organisé par le Sénat et l’Essec, Tremplin Entreprises est le premier événement du capital investissement en France. Son objectif est de permettre à des entrepreneurs innovants, sélectionnés par un comité composé de professionnels du capital investissement et de la création d’entreprise, de rencontrer les investisseurs susceptibles de financer leur jeune entreprise ou leur projet de création.

Sofinnova Partners est un partenaire de premier rang, Jean-Bernard Schmidt est membre du Comité Executif, Alain Rodermann et Denis Lucquin sont membres des comités de sélection.

La sixième édition de Tremplin Entreprises distinguera les 6 et 7 juillet 2004, au Sénat, 30 lauréats, dans 3 catégories :
1) Technologies de l’information et de la communication,
2) Sciences de la Vie, et
3) Sciences de l’ingénieur (industrie, commerce, services).

Inscriptions (ouverture des candidatures le 2 février, clôture le 31 mars) et informations complémentaires sur http://www.tremplin-entreprises.senat.fr/

Visit website http://www.tremplin-entreprises.senat.fr